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“The Internet Realtor contains generous insider knowledge that will allow you to achieve success in your real estate career through the systematic use of digital marketing” —Jack Chua

What is The Internet Realtor?

The Internet Realtor is the definitive playbook for any real estate agent to achieve success in the heavily digitalised real estate landscape today.

If you want to achieve lasting growth in real estate, what you need is a proven framework...

  • The Internet Realtor will provide you with a tested and proven framework to run your real estate business.
  • The Internet Realtor will show you the intricacies of digital marketing that is geared specifically towards real estate, allowing you to gain leads and close deals while at the same time acquiring high-quality “database” of potential clients.
  • The Internet Realtor will allow you to be successful no matter the environment with the knowledge for you to become future-proofed against market disruptors.


I've only printed a limited number of books and once they're gone, it means they're gone!
This offer may be taken down anytime.

"Offers a wealth of profitable strategies to transform you into an internet savvy realtor"

An amazingly well-conceptualised book that literally takes you by the hand and demystifies the intricacies of digital marketing with non-technical linguo. It offers a wealth of profitable strategies to transform you into an internet savvy realtor. An excellent read indeed!

Mark Kong
Advisory Group Division Director, ERA

"This book contains the secrets, principles and method..."

This book contains the secrets, principles and method for anyone that wants to transform their real estate business from doing things the old way to the new way by harnessing the power of the internet. If you need a step by step master guide, this is the one.

Melvin Lim
Co-founder, PropertyLimBrothers

"Step by step guide on how to be a consistent top achiever"

After spending a full day of reading this book by David Chong, it is definitely a must-read. If you are familiar with digital marketing, this book will be valuable in bringing comprehensive insights into relatable topics. But if you are not familiar with digital marketing – this book is PERFECT for you. Compared to other books, “The Internet Realtor” is an all-in-one fusion of business concepts, mastery of soft skills and digital prospecting. For beginners, the book also covers a proven-working formula that was refined by David Chong over his years as a realtor, it shows you how to react and overcome any obstacle. As a real estate coach, I find the book enriching and I would definitely recommend all realtors to read this book to understand the journey to be a successful digital realtor.

Roy Chong
Advisory Group Division Director, ERA

"True genius"

The Internet Realtor combines practical techniques with inspirational stories for aspiring realtors to leverage on, making their real estate business much more profitable with the efficient use of digital marketing.

Dickson Lee
Branch Division Director, ERA

"As a real estate coach, I find the book enriching and I would definitely recommend all realtors to read"

Never thought that I have missed out so much of my leads. This book is really a step by step guide on how to be a consistent top achiever. Will highly recommended to everyone in the real estate industry to read it!

Senior Marketing Director, ERA

"Breaks down a complex and multistep process into bitesized...pieces"

The Internet Realtor is written in a way which breaks down a complex and multistep process into bitesized and digestible pieces. It guides you through the entire process on how you can bring your business online even if you have little to no prior experience. Most of the items I've previously learnt when attending David's course however, it's always good to have a refresher.

Digital marketing is the way forward!

Aaron Tay
Senior Associate Marketing Director, PropNex

"Step by step guide in which David shares his secret"

A must read for all realtors who are aspiring to do well in the current market. A step by step guide in which David shares his secret and prevents u from falling into the pitfalls faced by realtors new to digital marketing..

Andy Lim
Senior Marketing Director, ERA



The Ultimate Playbook To Unlock Real Estate Success By
Leveraging On The Power Of Omnipresent Digital Marketing.

8 Years of experience.
7 figures spent on digital ads.

all condensed into 1 book.

The Internet Realtor Is A Culmination Of My Experiences In Using Digital Marketing That Has Resulted In Me Finding The Ultimate Framework For Real Estate Success.

"This is the complete playbook to your success as a Digital Realtor!"

Amazing book with so many nuggets of ideas to excel in the real estate game. Very practical and actionable. This is the complete playbook to your success as a Digital Realtor!

Dennis Lim
Senior Marketing Director, ERA

"I just could not put it down."

Even though I am familiar with most of the content of the book, I find it so instructive and all the concept illustrated with anecdotes and clear illustration. Easy to understand and entertaining too. The concepts are clear. I got a lot more from this book than what I have been practicing. This book makes me want to jump on to my computer and remodel some of my present campaigns. It is a must-read for all internet real estate agents. Thank you for sharing all the knowledge.

Chay Yu Fay
Division Director, ERA


Here are a few of the secrets that you'll be getting...
  • The biggest problem all agents face that once SOLVED, will unlock your path to a stellar career in real estate. pg.VI
  • The ONE thing that all successful businesses focus on. And how by focusing on this will allow you to prosper in any business that you do, not only real estate. pg.XII
  • The 2 components that determines the success of your real estate business. By knowing it, will allow you to view your business in a different viewpoint and run it in a successful manner. pg.8
  • Learn the different type of relationships that every agent have so that you can focus on the "Hotter" ones that will bring you more closings. pg.9
  • The "model of awareness" that illustrates to you the different kind of prospects, the ones you don't want and the ones you WANT that will make all the difference in your prospecting campaign. pg.17
  • How you can overtake your competitors even those with strong networks with this important principle that not only works in real estate, but works for everything in future that you will do. pg.23
  • The "success blueprint" that anyone can follow (so long as they have the heart) to achieve real estate success in the months to come. pg.44
  • How top producers buy their way to real estate success by "paying" this, and you can do it too. pg.50
  • Discover my exclusive "fishing method" that gets you qualified leads, that can lead to closing again and again. Want more? Just rinse and repeat! pg.64
  • The "fishing season" now and why real estate is the best business to be in, giving you returns that cannot be found elsewhere. pg.68
  • Discover "PART ONE" of my "fishing method" that gets me the best leads for closing, why you must use it, and how this makes all the difference in closing. pg.78
  • The difference in "net efficiency score" between successful internet realtors and average agents when it comes to running their business. pg.88
  • The glaringly amateurish mistakes made by "internet realtors" that you must NEVER DO that sends prospects into a competitor's door. pg.93
  • Discover the "5 boxes on the list" you need to tick in 2020 and beyond to become the ultimate internet realtor that generate leads while you're asleep. pg.101
  • Understand the "conversion stages" prospects go through before they convert online to get the best return on your ad spend. pg.109
  • Learn the key strategies that can "pull" your leads into an appointment without being pushy or annoying. pg.118
  • How this "shocking finding" is key to making your leads stick to you rather than ending up as a competitor's appointment. pg.120
  • Learn the "costly mistakes" to never commit that separates a seasoned internet realtor from the average ones. pg.123
  • The "neat trick" I use to preframe my leads... that leaves them anticipating my call! pg.125
  • How to use my ultimate script that 'digs out' the lead's level of interest in the background without them knowing, that also "incepts" them to commit to viewing appointment. pg.126

And that's just the first 126 pages... I could go on and on... but you get it! This book is PACKED with amazing information!

and that's not all...

You will also get compelling scripts so that you can manage and convert your clients at the highest possible rate!
The path to real estate success doesn't have to be uncertain...

this book covers the process from attracting prospects to converting them into leads...

and eventually making a transaction through you.

it is a proven framework

what you will get...

A physical book in MINT condition hand-delivered to you, at your doorstep.

It's packed with 264 pages of amazing content detailing my experience in real estate. That's 8 LONG YEARS of my time going through what works and what doesn't! And you get to SHORTCUT it!

I've researched the best book sizes and layout so that the book is easy to read. And it's printed on exclusive WOOD-FREE paper (NOT the cheap white paper you always see!) that's anti-glaring with the best contrast for reading!

To make it even better for you... I've even chose a specific type of font that is associated with increased readability and reading speed.

all the above, years of proven systems and industry knowledge... included

Grab the framework before it's gone!


Like I mentioned, I'm giving you $10 OFF the original selling price ($24.95). 

Plus, I will courier it over to your place for free.

But that won't be for long because I've invested 6 months of my time into documenting my proven framework that has brought me success. For this reason alone, there are limited copies available.

And my team will make sure that the book arrives in MINT condition right at your doorstep!

ZERO strings attached!

I know that there are websites out there baiting you with a 'DISCOUNT' then proceeds to lock you in with some long term program that charges your card every month...

NOT this! This isn't one of those.

If you're wondering why I'm doing this, here's why...

I'm sick of watching 'gurus' talk about digital marketing who don't have any real estate results! And in some cases, 'gurus' in real estate coaching about digital marketing are merely scratching the surface.

"Digital marketing doesn't work..."
"Digital marketing is COSTLY..."

EXACTLY! Isn't that what you always hear? These incomplete information out there can make one lose money in digital marketing and that's why you often hear that it doesn't work!

What you need is a complete full picture approach, a proven framework that has worked!


Here's why. I've printed limited copies of the book and once I've given them out... they're gone!

I've invested 6 months of my time detailing the secrets to my success and at any point in time... I reserve the rights to take down this offer.

My crazy guarantee

If for some reason... you decide to return the book within 7
days, I'll refund you your book!


Thanks for taking time to read this, I look forward to hearing (or meeting) you soon!
David Chong

Author of The Internet Realtor
Underground Digital Marketing Mentor

If you've skipped all the way to end (I'm one of those too) to see what's in store for you:

I'm mailing you a 264 page book, "The Internet Realtor - The Ultimate Playbook To Unlock Real Estate Success By Leveraging On The Power Of Omnipresent Digital Marketing." that retails at $24.95, at a $10 discount with FREE shipping. (Get this for $14.95)

There's zero strings attached, you won't be pushed into any "trial" or some monthly program that charges your credit card.

In fact, if you don't love the book, you can even return it and I'll refund you the book. There's absolutely no risk, so click on the button below to grab your copy NOW. You won't regret it.
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